Shigeru Miyamoto helps celebrate Official Nintendo Magazine’s 100th issue


Yesterday we shared news that the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto himself would be guest editing the 100th issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine. At least, that’s what the preceding issue appeared to promise.

It was the Next Month page that provided the news. “WA-HA! Guest edited by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto!,” it teased, perhaps making us far too giddy for our own good. Though this has now been retracted by the magazine, who have similarly apologised for any confusion and clarified to what extent Miyamoto’s contribution will be.

And there’s still plenty for you to look forward to. An exclusive interview will see Miyamoto discuss Nintendo’s past and present, whilst he’s also hand drawn the cover artwork that’ll adorn the subscriber issue.

“It was a dream of ours that he would magically appear in the office and write the review of Wind Waker HD but unfortunately, even though we suggested it on the Next Month page, he will not be guest editing,” the magazine explains.

“In typical Chinese Whispers fashion the words on our Next Month page have morphed into mini monsters. To clarify, we will NOT be announcing Shigeru Miyamoto’s new game in ONM 100. We will also not be announcing any new Nintendo game and we will not be discovering the last remaining Dodo.

“As described above, Shigeru Miyamoto has made a massively significant contribution to our issue 100 but he will now not be guest editing.

“As always, the news story that goes up on the day of launch will always describe exactly what is and isn’t in the latest issue and we would like to retract the four words that have appeared on the Next Month page.

“We apologise to those of you who got really excited by these few words and we even apologise to the people who have read misleading stories that have simply been made up from nothing.”

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