Shigeru Miyamoto Has Created A Cat Hammock


The incomparable Shigeru Miyamoto has admitted that he worries that he doesn’t have anything to do when not working at Nintendo, and, in looking to occupy his time, he has created a cat hammock.

That saw him once take a stool and pull it apart, reconstructing the pieces together into a cat hammock. While Miyamoto is pleased with his creation, he added that whenever he places his cat inside it simply runs away.

“As a company, we’ve carefully gotten ourselves involved in the mobile industry, and that’s something that I was personally involved in,” Miyamoto replied, when TIME asked what he would like to accomplish in the next 10 years.

“Then with the Nintendo Switch, the idea of having a console that’s also a portable device, I think that opens up new doors to all kinds of possibilities. In the industry of fun, I think there’s still a lot we can still explore. I think what I want to accomplish is kind of laying down the standards for what those possibilities are going to be over the next 10 years.”

When a Nintendo executive interjected with “Not your cat stool?”, Miyamoto moved on to how he occupied his time when not working at the company.

“When I’m told that maybe I don’t need to go to work for a few days, I worry that I don’t have things to do, so I try to make sure there are things in my personal life that I can really work on too,” he revealed.

“So my garden looks really good now. I’ve been spending months just hoeing. [Laughs] And I made a cat hammock. I took a stool and then kind of pulled it apart and put it together so it’s like a hammock for a cat. [Laughing] Even when I place him in it he runs away. It’s not quite there yet.”

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