Shelter Generations Scores Physical Release With Super Rare Games

Shelter Generations Box Art

Super Rare Games has announced that Shelter Generations will be their next indie physical release for Nintendo Switch.

This Nintendo Switch exclusive collection includes Shelter 2, Paws: A Shelter 2 Game, two soundtracks, and two living book experiences in Fables From the Den and The Lonesome Fog.

The physical release will be limited to 3,000 copies, with each copy containing a blind-boxed pack of high-quality trading cards that feature artwork from the game. And, to make them more collectable, 125 from the entire production have been signed by members of the team at the game’s developer, Might and Delight.

“When we first started this company I made a list of five games that we most wanted to release physically and Shelter was on that,” explains George Perkins from Super Rare Games.

“To now be able to release this gorgeous game as part of our limited edition releases is amazing! This is a truly heartfelt adventure and it plays amazingly well on the Switch. The artwork that Might and Delight have produced for the series is simply breathtaking and I hope this game resonates with people the same way it did with us.”

CIRCLE Entertainment product manager Thomas Whitehead adds: “We’re excited to team up with Super Rare Games and release this special physical edition of Shelter Generations.

“Might and Delight created something special with this game. With an incredible art style and soundtrack, it deserves to be experienced on Nintendo Switch. This edition does a great job of celebrating the developer’s vision and gives fans the chance to own a special copy for their collection.”

Shelter Generations is now available to pre-order on the Super Rare Games website, priced at £29.99 (€33.99/ $34.99).

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