Shape History In We. The Revolution On Nintendo Switch

We. The Revolution Screenshot

Klabater and Polyslash have announced that We. The Revolution will release on Nintendo Switch, a game about the blood-soaked French Revolution.

You play as a Judge who, working on The Revolutionary Tribunal, must preside over court proceedings. That will see you pass judgment on those brought in front of you, whether that be revolutionaries, their enemies, criminals, or ordinary citizens.

Your efforts will expand your influence over XVIIIth-century Paris, but, as a consequence, you will be forced to fight for the lives of your family as well as your own.

“[The] last few months were both busy and crazy time for us. We received comprehensive feedback from media and from our fans worldwide, who enjoyed the game during many events,” explains Polyslash project lead Dawid Cislak.

“When we analyzed it, it turned out that we need to increase the scale of the game to satisfy their demands. And that’s exactly what we did.

“We. The Revolution has grown significantly when compared to our initial ideas and is now our most ambitious project ever. I’m thrilled with the fact that it will be released in a month from now.”

We. The Revolution will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2019.

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