Shantae And Shovel Knight Bolster Blaster Master Zero EX Character DLC


Inti Creates has announced that Shantae and Shovel Knight will soon become playable as EX Characters in Blaster Master Zero.

After welcoming Gunvolt and Ekoro, the indie game legends will be made available for free before becoming paid downloadable content for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS subterranean adventure.

Coinciding with update version 1.3, EX Character: Shantae can be freely downloaded between 6th July – 19th July 2017, with EX Character: Shovel Knight to follow between 3rd August – 16th August 2017. After which, they will both be priced at £1.79 ($1.99).


EX Character – Shantae

The 1/2 hero star of the ‘Shantae’ series joins the underground adventure as a playable character! Fascinate the mutant hordes with the power of magic and fancy dances!


EX Character – Shovel Knight

The master of the Shovel Blade joins the underground adventure as a playable character! Steel thy shovel and dig your way through the depths of the planet!

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