Shadow of the Eternals still in development with news coming “in the future”


After Precursor Games failed to secure their Kickstarter funding goal, the chances of their spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem seeing completion was cast in doubt.

Chief creative officer Denis Dyack has since spun off to form a new transmedia company in Quantum Entanglement Entertainment (QE2), having assured fans in a recent interview that Shadow of the Eternals is still very much alive and that “there will be announcements in the future.”

“Well, we can’t talk about that right now,” Dyack responded, when asked about whether they had received necessary funding to complete the project. “But there will be announcements in the future. The bottom line is we’re really excited on where we’re going, things are very quiet, and probably will continue to be quiet but they’re going well.

“Please stay tuned, and we’ll update everyone as soon as we can. I wish I could say more, but you know the drill with the industry, right?”

Pushed for a tease as to when we’d learn more, he added: “Well, it all depends on what your definition of soon is. [laughs] Rather than tease, I would just say that we believe in the project and we’re doing everything we can to see this project – and other projects – some of which are really great as well, get out there.

“We’ve got some big plans for the future, and we’re being very aggressive on some things, and we’re really looking forward to see how things roll out.”

[Thanks Niche Gamer via GoNintendo]
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