Shadow Of The Eternals Kickstarter Failure Blamed On “Extremely Unethical Press”

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“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” It is a shame that the Edgar Allan Poe quote chosen to be used in Shadow of the Eternals now seemingly reflects the project’s fate.

The spiritual successor to GameCube’s Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, developer Precursor Games failed in two successive crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter to secure funding to bring their ambition to life.

With their first Kickstarter goal set at $1.5 million, that target was lowered to $750,000 the second time around but had still failed to convince even those that have had hoped for Eternal Darkness to return.

The team at Precursor Games has now parted ways, but Denis Dyack went on to form transmedia company Quantum Entanglement Entertainment to keep the project alive. We last heard that development was still underway in May 2015, but, in a podcast on The Quantum Tunnel, Dyack has assured that work continues.

That came amid a discussion where he shared his disappointment about “extremely unethical press”
in the games industry, directly referencing Kotaku and Jim Sterling, whose “underhand” reporting were blamed for their Kickstarter failure.

What Dyack wants to be clear on though, is that the project isn’t dead. Thanking fans for their patience, he promises that they will have more to share soon – indicating that it remains a transmedia project.

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