SethBling Joins Nintendo Minute For Super Mario Maker Course Creation


Nintendo of America’s Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang are joined by special guest SethBling in this week’s Nintendo Minute, taking the chance to return to Super Mario Maker‘s course creator.

That sees them explore the new items, modes and features introduced in software update version 1.40 such as the Spike Pillar, Pink Coin and Key, which is required to unlock the new Key Door item. The course that they create together has since been uploaded to the Wii U exclusive’s server, and may be found by searching for its Course ID: FDBB-0000-000D-F644.

Seth recently injected Flappy Bird’s source code into unused portions of SNES system memory, which was performed by utilising an exploit discovered in Super Mario World. His YouTube video provides a comprehensive discussion about how this was achieved, and the end result in itself is pretty fascinating!

Super Mario Maker is now available worldwide exclusively for Wii U.

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