Serlegios can inflict new status condition in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


Capcom have revealed that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s cover, erm, monster Serlegios can inflict a new status condition on unsuspecting players.

The Thousand Blade Dragon stars in the game’s opening cinematic, and it is now known that it can inflict a laceration or torn state on attacking hunters – the result of which seeing such status effect causing damage whenever you run, dodge or attack. The scales that Serlegios shoots out cause the torn state, with players able to recover by crouching for a short period or by munching a Well-Done Steak.

Defeating Serlegios will be worth the effort though, with players able to craft a Bowgun that can automatically load a single shot whenever you dodge, close-range weapons that can restore sharpness when dodging while unsheathed, or bows that can deal enhanced physical damage.

Monster Hunter 4G will launch in Japan on October 11th, and in early 2015 across Europe and North America as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

[Thanks Siliconera]
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