Seiken Densetsu Collection Producer Hopes That It Will Spark Series Revival


In an interview with Famitsu, Seiken Densetsu Collection producer Masaru Oyamada has shared his hope that the Nintendo Switch exclusive compilation could lead to Square Enix choosing to revive the series.

“When I thought that I wanted to release a packaged edition that compiles the first three Seiken Densetsu games, Nintendo Switch, the most suitable hardware, was announced,” Oyamada explained. “The platform makes it easy for users to enjoy multiplayer.”

With younger players used to high-definition graphics nowadays, he hopes that parents that had once enjoyed playing the Seiken Densetsu series on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System will now take the opportunity to introduce the games to their children.

“Of course, I would like to announce new developments on the series’ 25th anniversary,” Oyamada admitted. “I want to develop the series more and more from here on. Please support us.”

Seiken Densetsu Collection will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch in Japan on June 1st.

[Thanks, Gematsu]
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