SEGA Toys new Poochi interacts with Nintendo 3DS

If you’ve been holding out hope that you would be able to one day use your Nintendo 3DS to interact with a robotic dog, SEGA Toys now have you covered.

Poochi, and the accompanying application that allows you to interact with your newfound pet, launched across Japan last week, with Nintendo helping to spread the word of the mechanical canine’s arrival.

Available in either baby blue or pink, the loveable pup communicates wirelessly with the 3DS – barks translated into Japanese, singing away and even open to a match of rock-paper-scissors with you. Indicators on the robot’s face show how it is currently feeling, with sensors scattered across its nose, back and tail to detect any incoming interaction.

Poochi is now available across Japan priced at 5,980 yen (£34.50).

[Thanks Engadget]
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