SEGA Saturn-Inspired 3D Platformer Lunistice Announced

Lunistice Logo

Deck13 and A Grumpy Fox have revealed that their 3D platformer Lunistice is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Once a 2D platformer, the project, which takes inspiration from the original PlayStation and SEGA Saturn era, has been rebooted multiple times until it reached its current form.

You play as Hana the Tanuki and must help her jump and fight through her dreams, in an experience that has been created with “simple but fun gameplay” in mind with speedrunning mechanics built-in.

The publisher explains that you should not “expect a massive game but a fun experience with a strong focus on fluent gameplay and with cute visuals.”

Lunistice will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 2nd September 2022.

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