SEGA Reveal Sonic 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Merchandise


SEGA of America has revealed the exclusive items that will be given to attendees at the Sonic 25th Anniversary Party, which takes place at the House of Blues alongside San Diego Comic-Con.

The event will provide a first look at the future of Sonic, and promises fun activities, live musical performances by Hyper Potions and Crush 40, notable surprises and much more.

As for the limited edition merchandise, attendees will receive a signature Sonic New Era baseball hat, a SEGA Genesis console inspired USB stick, an individually numbered and silver-plated 25th Anniversary Limited Edition collectors coin, an exclusive version of the Sonic: Mega Drive #1 comic book by Archie Comics, and a huggable TOMY Big Head Plush.

The Sonic 25th Anniversary Party will take place at the House of Blues in San Diego on Friday 22nd July.

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  1. I like how the video retrospective feels the need to only address Sonic Boom as a TV show and point out that it is apparently doing well with ratings and critics.
    Otherwise, how would anybody register a reaction to Boom that isn’t negative?

    Also, “2010- Sonic in 3D finally finds its footing.” As if it hadn’t already done that back in 1999.

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