SEGA have no plans for Wii U’s Virtual Console service


SEGA were a loyal support of the Wii’s Virtual Console service back in its prime, but unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be the case with Wii U.

That’s according to SEGA’s CS research and development producer Yosuke Okunari, writing on Twitter, who revealed that the publisher has “no such plans” to bring any of their titles to Wii U.

Such a negative response has naturally gained traction with Nintendo fans, who have implored Okunari to help change SEGA’s stance. Expectedly he asked that any requests be directed to the company’s western headquarters, so feel free to make your voices heard!

[Thanks Eurogamer]

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  1. So… Basically everyone’s response when it comes to the Wooing is, “Not my problem, go talk to someone else”?

    This is becoming old news and old excuses now don’t ya think. With game delays, cancellations and low grade ports it seems like 3rd party developers (and the media) are doing their best to kill off Nintendo any way they can.

    Looks like they are going to have to try a lot harder though if nintendo’s current list of 1’st party titles coming out has anything to do with it.

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