SEGA looking to experiment with free-to-play titles on 3DS


SEGA are looking to continue their experiments in developing free-to-play software for the Nintendo 3DS, according to chief creative officer Toshihiro Nagoshi.

Their first effort will be Initial D: Perfect Shift Online, a racing title that “can be played lightheartedly with replay value,” Nagoshi explains. “Initial D isn’t a pure racing game, but it has the right characteristics and uniqueness, along with an earnest essence to it.”

Players will be able to play through the game accumulating points to purchase in-game unlockables, although can buy points if they don’t wish to be as patient as necessary.

“We don’t intend to stop with this title, and after looking over its results, we’ll think about what to do next,” Nagoshi continued. “However, unlike games for smartphones, I believe there’s a perfect shape of ways to do things, somewhere out there, for the Nintendo 3DS. I believe that finding it will be our challenge, and in many ways, Initial D will be our first step.

“At the moment, I can say that we’ve been thinking about plenty of things. We have suggestions among ourselves like ‘wouldn’t this be a perfect game for a F2P title on Nintendo 3DS’ and many more. So when the time comes to talk about it… we’ll just leave it at that for now [laughs].”

[Thanks Siliconera]

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