SEGA detail Sonic Generations’ StreetPass features


SEGA have at last detailed the StreetPass features for the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations.

The functionality will be used to allow players to exchange both profile cards and missions, the former being used to record information about how long you’ve played the Sonic series and who your favourite character is. It’ll also be used to allow friends to see how far you are within Sonic Generations.

SEGA explains that through exchanging your profile card, it’ll be updated in various ways.


In terms of mission exchange, the game is to include 100 missions that differ from that of the main storyline and these are able to be unlocked through StreetPass. For any player that you exchange profile cards with you, you’ll be able to receive a single mission that they have cleared.

Example missions include ‘Revenge’, where you are challenged with defeating a certain number of enemies as possible, and ‘Special Trial’, where gopher-like enemies appear in Act 1 of Mushroom Hill Zone.

[Thanks Andriasang]
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