SEGA Cuts Team Sonic Racing Opening Movie On Nintendo Switch

Team Sonic Racing Opening Movie Screenshot

SEGA has confirmed that Team Sonic Racing’s opening movie was removed on Nintendo Switch, after players had discovered that it was missing on the portable home console.

That decision, the publisher has reasoned, was thanks to the game’s file size. The kart racer weighs in at 7 GB, which, if the opening cinematic had been added, would mean that they would have been unable to fit it on an 8 GB Nintendo Switch game card.

The result of that choice is that, rather than playing the opening cinematic, the game loads straight to the title screen on Nintendo Switch.

“The intro cutscene was removed from Switch build of Team Sonic Racing due to the cartridge size restrictions,” SEGA confirmed to USGamer.

As to whether there’s the chance that it could be added with a post-launch software date, the spokesperson added: “At this time, there are no plans to add the cutscene back in via patch.”

In Team Sonic Racing, you must race as a team to win, using team moves to help out your teammates, knock out opponents and to have the chance to unleash your Team Ultimate.

With online multiplayer and local co-op modes, as many as 12 players can compete in Team Sonic Racing with up to four in split-screen – with online and offline modes to include Grand Prix Mode, Exhibition Mode, Time-Trial and Team Adventure Mode.

Team Sonic Racing is now available for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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