SEGA confirm release dates for Shinobi and CRUSH3D

Shinobi 3DS

SEGA have today confirmed revised release dates for two of their upcoming Nintendo 3DS titles, Shinobi and CRUSH3D.

Shinobi, which was expected to release in September, will now hit retail on November 11th. The return of the acclaimed franchise places the player in the shoes of Jiro Musashi, the father of Joe Musashi from the original 1989 classic. You’ll be able to learn the history of the Musashi family as you fight your way through the vast story mode. An innovative StreetPass mode is also to be revealed in due course.

Similarly CRUSH3D, also previously scheduled to release in September, has now been delayed until 17th February 2012. Centring upon the mind of young protagonist Danny, he finds himself tasked with testing out his friend’s new invention C.R.U.S.H. when the machine suddenly falls in love with him. He then has to work his way through mind-stretching puzzles that blend 2D and 3D elements to escape its clutches.

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