SEGA Celebrate Hedgehog Day By Thanking Sonic Fans


SEGA has thanked Sonic the Hedgehog fans “for sticking with the blue blur through thick and thin,” in a blog post to mark Hedgehog Day on February 2nd.

Having once taken over Groundhog Day to promote Sonic the Hedgehog 3, SEGA rebirthed the idea in recent years and isn’t breaking with tradition. That said there are no teases this time around, aside from the numbers ‘4116’ in their Happy Hedgehog Day video – numerical hints that fans are yet to decipher.

Promising that they “have some pretty cool stuff coming up,” preparation for their announcements takes time and we’ll still have to hold out to see what SEGA has in store.

“As we enter Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Year, it’s an exciting time to be a Sonic fan.

“Isn’t it crazy to think it’s been 25 years since Sonic 1 released? Some of you reading this probably weren’t even born when the older among us pooled up our allowance to buy a copy of Sonic for our Genesis or Mega Drive. But, no matter our age, we all celebrate and follow the iconic blue blur for reasons that remain universal.

“I know at least half of you reading this are thinking: ‘Hey! Are you announcing anything big today, like Sonic Labyrinth 2 or Tails Sky Patrol IV? What’s the scoop?,’ but you’ll need to be patient for a while longer. Good things take time, and we’re sticking to that. That said, you’ve probably noticed a few numbers floating around here and there. Who knows that they might mean? (By the way, in case you missed it – those weren’t eyes, they were zeros.)

“A few years ago, during my first tour of duty with SEGA, our team decided to post something teasing an upcoming announcement on February 2nd, or ‘Hedgehog Day.’ This was a fun reference back to the release of Sonic 3, which took over ‘Groundhog Day’ in much the way that any tyrannical conqueror takes something they want – by force. Inspired by the marketing bloodlust of our forefathers, ‘Hedgehog Day’ was reborn again from the ashes of the 90’s, and each year we’ve tried to keep it going ever since.

“Sonic has seen a wide range of games and gameplay styles, but whether you prefer the classics, the Adventure series, the Colors/Generations style, or anything in between, thanks for sticking with the blue blur through thick and thin.

“We can’t wait to celebrate the 25th Anniversary with you all throughout the year – and we have some pretty cool stuff coming up.

“Here’s to 25 years of Sonic, and 25 years of amazing fans!”

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