SEGA AGES Thunder Force AC Coming To Nintendo Switch Next Week

SEGA AGES Thunder Force AC Logo

SEGA has announced that SEGA AGES Thunder Force AC will release on Nintendo Switch next week.

The Thunder Force III remake was the first time that the shooter series found a home in the arcade scene.

Faced with losing the war against the ORN Empire, the Galaxy Federation has created the FIRE LEO-03 STYX. This highly mobile fighter wields the same amount of firepower as a large battleship, and, as its pilot, you must secure victory for the Federation and restore peace to the galaxy.

For the portable home console, developer M2 has made some new additions:

  • Arcade Mode, a faithful adaptation of the original arcade release featuring three other unlockable ships lifted from later Thunder Force titles (FIRE LEO-04 RYNEX, FIRE LEO-04 RYNEX with the Thunder Claw weapon, and FIRE LEO-3 STYX MP Mass Production Model).
  • A Kids Mode to help you on your mission by providing increased attack power, additional credits (9 instead of 6), and the ability to retain your weapons even after your ship has been destroyed, among other adjustments.
  • Two different sets of Leaderboards – “Expert” for those that play the game with its default settings enabled, and “Freestyle” for when the settings have been changed.
  • And the option to save and view Replays, including those from the leaderboards.

There are other enhancements such as stereo sound, HD Rumble, a CRT-like Vintage display, a Cabinet mode, and save states.

SEGA AGES Thunder Force AC will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 28th May 2020.

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