SEGA 3D Classics soon to hit North America and Europe


Having delighted Nintendo 3DS owners across Japan, SEGA have announced that their 3D Classics range will be making their way westward in the run up to Christmas.

Set to release two at a time weekly through the Nintendo eShop, these arcade remakes will each be priced at £4.49 (€4.99/$5.99) and include Mega Drive gems Ecco the Dolphin, Streets of Rage and Sonic the Hedgehog.

The schedule for their release is as follows:

28th November 2013
* 3D Space Harrier
* 3D Super Hang-On

5th December 2013
* 3D Altered Beast
* 3D Sonic the Hedgehog

12th December 2013
* 3D Ecco the Dolphin
* 3D Galaxy Force II

19th December 2013
* 3D Shinobi III
* 3D Streets of Rage

“These games were completely re-built to offer a robust 3D experience that offers more modern gameplay while still keeping true to the original,” comments SEGA of America’s president and COO John Cheng. “We look forward to bringing these classic SEGA titles to Nintendo 3DS for fans – both old and new.”

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