See Your Teddy Bear Come To Life In Teddy Together

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If you have ever wondered what it would be like if your favourite toy came to life, Nintendo of Europe will soon make your dream a reality with Teddy Together.

Positioned as a new addition to an expansive catalogue of “kid-favourite” games on Nintendo 3DS such as nintendogs + cats, Nintendo describe it as an ideal chance for parents to play together with their young children to help develop reading and interpersonal skills.

When a teddy bear and a mysterious key are delivered to the player’s house, magic allows Teddy to suddenly come to life and start speaking to the player. Children will be able to give Teddy a name and enter their own, helping to create a personal connection between the two as they form a new friendship.

Teddy Together’s tale will move forward on a daily basis, with children learning about the teddy bear’s purpose and what the mysterious key can do. That makes it the perfect bedtime story, that parents can enjoy experiencing with their children.

Teddy is particularly interested in learning about friendship, and will ask the player questions like “What do you do for fun?,” “How do you make friends?,” and “What’s your favourite food?.” It will remember the player’s answers and bring them up in conversation later on. Nintendo are keen to reiterate that, as the game does not have any online features, words that are entered when playing are not shared with either Nintendo or any third parties.

Children are sure to smile at Teddy’s cute reactions and encouraging personality, and they can introduce the loveable bear to their friends who can share answers that it will remember and talk about later on.

Beyond conversational interaction, minigames will let you prepare meals to feed Teddy. These may be too hot and players will have to blow into the microphone to cool them down, while, as Teddy is messy, you will have to wash away any dirt in the bath.

Players will also have chance to dress their teddy too, whether that be with tops, hats and shoes or by choosing a different fur colour. These are all unlocked by using coins earned in-game, or by scanning a compatible amiibo once per day.

Teddy Together will release exclusively for Nintendo 3DS in Europe on July 1st.

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