See What It Takes To Survive In Death Road To Canada On Nintendo Switch

Death Road to Canada screenshot

UKIYO Publishing, Rocketcat Games, and Madgarden have released a new trailer for Death Road To Canada on Nintendo Switch, their randomly generated, zombie-filled road-trip.

When survivors learn that Canada may be free from the threat of zombies, they group up and start their journey to safety.

With iconic sites like Y’all-Mart and the Muscle! Bomb!! Gym!!! to explore, players will meet strange and bizarre companions along the way with interactive fiction events making or breaking friendships while adding character-driven drama to the chaotic combat.

The game will support TV, Handheld, and Tabletop Modes on Nintendo Switch as well as multiple control options in the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, Joy-Con Grip, and a single Joy-Con. The developer adds that the game’s short, intense playthroughs make it particularly well-suited to the portable home console.

Death Road to Canada will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in April 2018.

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