Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game Complete Edition Guide: How To Access Secret Shops For 1-UPs, Moves And XP

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As you’re playing through Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game Complete Edition, you might find that it’s a lot tougher than you remember, especially when your character is underleveled. 

You might be wondering if there’s a way to get extra lives, or if you’re really just going to have to get good and learn the bosses patterns. Thankfully, there’s a few special secret shops hidden in the game that you can buy 1-UPs, special moves and XP-boosting items. 

No-Account Video

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The first of these shops is found in the first level of the game. You’re going to want to go into No-Account Video, where you’ll see that there’s only one item listed, “Scott’s Late Fees” at a whopping $504. Once you’ve done that you’ll get a whole bunch of items for $5 each, including 1-UPs and some heavy stat-boosting items. 

That may sound like a lot of money, but if you’re careful about spending it and replay a few missions then you’ll get it in no time. I had enough by the fifth boss, which is where I’d say you’ll need the extra lives and help. 

Wallace’s Mystery Shop


The second of these shops is much easier to find and less expensive, but is overall a lot less helpful than the first shop. In the first level of the game, as you get near the bridge you’ll see a star symbol graffitied. Go near it and you’ll see a door open, which will lead you to Wallace’s Secret Shop. 

All of the items here are around $100 each, and have the same effect as the ones from No-Account Video. You can even buy 1-UPs here too, but they’re more expensive. The trade-off here is that you don’t need to pay that initial fee of $500 to gain access to these items, but you’ll rack up more than that trying to max out stats anyway. Only use this shop if you’re nowhere near $500 and just need a little boost to finish the game. 

Mobile’s Secret House

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The third and final secret shop in the game is arguably the coolest, and will be accessible to pretty much everyone without a massive pay requirement. At the start of the sixth level, you’ll go into a forest. Keep going through this forest until you see a castle in the background. Right ahead of you will be a group of people, you just need to stand between them in the star shape and go up until you enter Mobile’s Secret House. The entrance may take some messing with but eventually you’ll get in. 

Alongside some awesome healing items, you’ll see the “Special Training” item for $57. Buying this will unlock your character’s final special move, which will be a really powerful attack that doesn’t cost gut points. Every character will need to individually buy this item from this shop in order to unlock their final attack.  

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