Scientifically Proven confirm three Wii U projects


Michigan-based studio Scientifically Proven Entertainment have confirmed that they have three projects destined for the Nintendo eShop, during an interview with Nintendo Life.

Having been approved as a Wii U developer earlier in the year, their first game, action-platformer Blood of the Werewolf, will release in June.

Described as a “brutal white knuckle experience that will test you and push your platforming skill,” according to the developer’s CEO and founder Nathaniel McClure. Implementing the Wii U GamePad has been “a unique and welcome design challenge,” and will be used to display “leaderboard and friend tracking elements, level maps and ‘secret area’ indicators.”

Beyond this, they’ll bring tower defence game Get Off My Lawn to Wii U, as well as an “episodic action-packed shooter” sequel to Real Heroes: Firefighter.

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