Sci-Fi Thriller State Of Mind Releases On Nintendo Switch Next Month

State Of Mind Screenshot

Daedalic Entertainment has announced that State of Mind will release on Nintendo Switch next month, a multi-layered sci-fi thriller where dystopian reality and digital utopia are intertwined

You play as Richard Nolan, a father and journalist born in Berlin, who inadvertently discovers that he, his wife and son have been subject to mind uploads. Richard’s upload has gone wrong, and, as a result, he still lives in real-life reality but an incomplete second version of himself exists in a secret Virtual Reality project.

Realising his predicament, Richard sets out on a dangerous search for salvation as he looks to reunite with his family and his own being – while his memories start to slip away. It will soon dawn on him on that journey that it isn’t only about him, but the very future of mankind.

“State of Mind is a game about transhumanism and its all-in bet on the future,” explains State of Mind author, Martin Ganteföhr. “It is, however, not a game about the technology of tomorrow, but about tomorrow’s people. In the center of this narrative is the motif of separation and reunion. What happens, if the future creates fractures between body and mind? Between reality and constructs? Between biological and virtual ego?

“State of Mind picks up the idea to make something whole from fragments. Richard, our protagonist, has to rearrange and sort out his life. He has to endure disruptions of social, technological and very personal nature. The motif of fragments, clearly visible in the key visuals and style, transcends the whole game: it is embedded in the narrative structure, the visuals, the main characters’ core concepts and even in the mechanics of ‘Reconstruction’.”

State of Mind will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on August 15th, priced at £34.99 / €39.99 / $39.99.

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