Sci-Fi Racer Red Goes Faster Heading To Nintendo Switch

Red Goes Faster Image

110 Industries has announced that Red Goes Faster is coming to Nintendo Switch, which is pitched as “a sci-fi racer offering a complementary contrast between exhilarating racing and an intriguing love-triangle-infused story.”

You play as Leon Garcia, an aspiring young racer and participates in intergalactic races by day and explores his home planet of Keplar by night. In the evenings, you will have the chance to hang out with Leon’s friends and to attempt to untangle a complicated love triangle.

The only way that Leon will be able to leave Keplar is by racing. Prospective colonists had been promised “an exciting new life complete with wellness programs, office perks, health insurance and a whole lot more by the corporations preparing to profit from the planet.” But then everyone realised that Keplar was worthless and most of them headed back home.

However, Leon’s grandparents chose to stay although he wants out. He needs to win the Keplar Super Trofeo to make his escape, but his efforts will be made more complicated thanks to his high school rival and his relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

“We are really excited to be bringing Red Goes Faster to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC,” enthuses 110 Industries founder and creative director Sergei Kolobashkin. “The mix of racing and adventure that the game offers is really bringing something new to the table and we can’t wait to share more details.”

Red Goes Faster will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2022.

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