Sci-Fi Card Battler Golem Gates Out On Nintendo Switch This Month

Golem Gates Key Art

Digerati and Laser Guided Games have revealed that Golem Gates will release on Nintendo Switch this month.

With an ancient evil surging from the Golem Gates, as the Harbinger you must wield the nanite-infused power of The Ash to conjure armies to fight back against the otherworldly forces.

This post-apocalyptic sci-fi action-strategy card battler will see you choose from 100 cards, referred to as Glyphs, to summon units, buildings, traps, buffs, debuffs, and techs to your side – adapting to defend, flank, or fortify your position.

Aside from the single-player campaign, you can sink more time into challenge scenarios, a solo (or co-op) survival mode, as well as local and online multiplayer.

“Golem Gates is a great title and we wanted to make it the best it could possibly be on console,” explains Digerati director Nick Alfieri. “Laser Guided Games’ vision has been fully retained and whether it’s enjoying the game in 1080p, full 4K or on the go, Golem Gates has been fully optimized for every console platform and its individual capabilities.”

The game’s creator Matt Oelfke adds: “We are so excited that we can finally reveal Golem Gates’ release date on console. It’s coming soon and we can’t wait to see how console gamers take to the game. We’ve poured our heart and soul into Golem Gates, so we hope it resonates with players.”

Golem Gates will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on May 31st.

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