Say No! More Delayed Into 2021

Say No! More Screenshot

Thunderful Publishing and Studio Fizbin have confirmed that Say No! More‘s release has been delayed into next year.

In an entirely on-brand tweet, the publisher wrote: “So is Say No More coming this year? NO! See you in 2021!”

This one-button game takes place in a world where the word “No!” has been virtually banished.

You start an internship at a company that’s run by arrogant people, and where your colleagues believe that the value of a person is only defined by their professional experience.

After you are bullied by your colleagues and supervisors, you discover Say No! More. This self-help cassette tape teaches you how to become a “No!” expert, and, as you locate more tapes, your refusal will grow to be stronger, louder, and more significant.

Say No! More will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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