Save Your Corn In Stitchy In Tooki Trouble On Nintendo Switch

Stitchy In Tooki Trouble Logo

Polygoat has revealed that their side-scrolling platformer Stitchy In Tooki Trouble will soon see release on Nintendo Switch.

After the thieving wooden Tooki steal corn from the fields that Stitchy protects, the dedicated scarecrow sets out to recover every stolen piece and defeat the mischievous creatures.

Taking inspiration from the Donkey Kong and Crash Bandicoot series, you must run, jump, slide, slam and glide to overcome the obstacles in your path. The “easy to pick up and play on the go” experience will also see you ride minecarts, dodge chunky wooden piranha, delve into a Tooki factory, face massive boss battles and more.

“Stitchy is a real labour of love for us, and we’re thrilled to share this first glimpse with the world! It’s like our very own fairytale game – inspired by the classics we love: Donkey Kong and Crash Bandicoot,” explains Polygoat co-founder Frederik. “We hope our fast-paced side-scrolling gameplay and colourful art style lives up to our inspirations. As for the definitive release date – that corn still needs to be popped, so stay tuned!”

Stitchy In Tooki Trouble will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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