Save The Wood Lands In Woodle Tree 2 Deluxe On Nintendo Switch

Woodle Tree 2 Deluxe Screenshot

Chubby Pixel has announced that Woodle Tree 2 Deluxe will release on Nintendo Switch next month.

In this open-world adventure-platformer sequel to Woodle Tree Adventures Deluxe, you must help Woodle in his quest to defeat the forces of evil that are using a black substance to absorb energy and life from the creatures living in the Wood Lands.

There’s a vast world to freely explore, with “completely redesigned” platforming sections compared to the original game, as well as “fast-paced” new moves and puzzles, and the chance to play with up to four players in cooperative local multiplayer.

Woodle Tree 2 Deluxe will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in July.

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