Save Icenaire In Vambrace: Cold Soul On Nintendo Switch

Vambrace: Cold Soul Artwork

Devespresso Games has announced that Vambrace: Cold Soul will release on Nintendo Switch, a fantasy roguelike adventure that will challenge you to rescue Icenaire.

The Shade King has cursed the great city with a permanent blight of frost fall, seeing its former residents returning from the dead as wraiths. With survivors seeking to take refuge deep underground, they lead a desperate campaign against this unearthly power.

Outmatched, they are forced into hiding as the Shade King slowly builds an army of the undead above them. But then, on one fateful day, a mysterious stranger appears in the city with an enchanted vambrace, who may be their only hope.

With the game promising seven epic chapters, players can assemble a party from five races and 10 unique classes, craft items and armour from the precious materials that they gather on their adventure, can unlock new thematic skills by completing sub-quests, and will be faced with crucial decisions that may seal your party’s fate.

“So, what is Vambrace: Cold Soul? I would describe it, with only good intentions, as a ‘fantasy-roguelike-adventure’ game,” the developer explains.

“I’ll admit that’s a bit of a mouthful. Many of us also realize the term ‘roguelike’ is a loaded one, especially among genre purists. The finer aspects of the game’s design are definitely worth exploring in a future dev-post. For now, I will simply touch on the basic elements of our game.”

Vambrace: Cold Soul will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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