Save Heaven In The Holy Gosh Darn On Nintendo Switch

The Holy Gosh Darn Logo

Yogscast Games and Perfectly Paranormal have announced that The Holy Gosh Darn will release on Nintendo Switch “in late 2023.”

In what is promised to be a “hilarious comedy adventure with a time-travelling twist,” you play as the angel Cassiel who must prevent an army of Phantoms from destroying Heaven. After discovering the existence of the Holy Gosh Darn, you must use the mysterious time-travelling watch that was once created by God to travel between the past, present and future.

You must use your newfound powers to jump freely through time across Heaven, Hell, Earth and Helheim to uncover information that can help alter Heaven’s fate and stop your universe “from going bang.”

From the experience, you can “expect outrageous humour, inventive puzzles and laugh-out-loud set pieces with Metroidvania-style progression” from the developer behind Manual Samuel and Helheim Hassle.

“I’ve always admired Perfectly Paranormal for their ingenious ideas and laugh-out-loud humour, and The Holy Gosh Darn looks set to take this even further with its hilarious approach to time travel,” explains Yogscast Games director of publishing Simon Byron. “If you’ve ever wanted to play a game that stars an angel with a magic, upgradeable time-travelling watch, well… you’re going to love it.”

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features, which include:

  • Four different worlds to explore, across both Space AND Time!
  • Unique time-pressured narrative requires players to hurry along NPCs as they uncover new information.
  • Uncover fresh narrative strands which are triggered by progression, time, space and logic.
  • 23 Heavenly Elders to insult! Gotta dis them all!
  • Exactly 4,250 dogs – none that you can pet.

The Holy Gosh Darn will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide “in late 2023.”

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