Save Fahrul In For The King On Nintendo Switch Next Month

For The King Screenshot

Curve Digital and Ironoak Games have announced that For The King will release on Nintendo Switch next month, a strategic RPG that has looked to blend tabletop and roguelike elements in a challenging adventure.

After an unknown assailant murders the King, the once peaceful kingdom of Fahrul is thrown into chaos. Stretched beyond her means, the Queen pleas for the land’s citizens to rise up and avert the impending doom.

Thanks to procedurally generated maps, quests, and events, every playthrough is unique. You will earn Lore from battles, story content, quests and more, which is the currency that is carried through each of your playthroughs.

Lore is used when buying new Characters, Customization Options, Locations, Encounters, and Items, which will continue to differentiate the gameplay experience in your repeated efforts to save Fahrul.

“After an incredibly successful debut on PC, For The King has become one of our most prolific titles,” explains Curve Digital product manager Michael Fisher.

“We are incredibly excited to bring For The King to console containing all of the updates and free DLC that have been given to the previous version over the last couple of years. The console edition is a complete edition that you can play solo, with friends, or online – on any platform of your choice.”

For The King will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on May 9th, with a 20 percent launch discount.

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