Save Chora In The Forbidden Arts On Nintendo Switch In 2019


Stingbot Games has announced that The Forbidden Arts will release on Nintendo Switch, an action-adventure platformer that will see you set out on a quest to save the world of Chora from the blight of a powerful necromancer.

When the game’s hero, Phoenix, seeks the counsel of a druid to make sense of the visions that he is witnessing, she awakens the latent pyromancy within him. Then, leaving his humble beginnings behind, he leads a powerful party to take on the necromancer.

It won’t come as a surprise that this grand adventure of ancient magic will see you complete quests, solve puzzles, uncover long-forgotten secrets, and toppling enemies in battle – Phoenix controlling the power of fire to take down enemies and bosses.

With the developer promising action, suspense, comedy, and unexpected twists and turns, The Forbidden Arts will let you explore a magical realm that combines western and eastern culture – brought to life not only through a colourful art style, but with an acoustic guitar soundtrack.

The Forbidden Arts will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in early 2019.

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