Satsuki Kiryuin’s Junketsu Shinzui Revealed For KILL La KILL IF

KILL La KILL IF Junketsu Shinzui Screenshot

PQube, Arc System Works, and Studio TRIGGER have revealed the Junketsu Shinzui for KILL la KILL IF, that Satsuki Kiryuin can wear in the upcoming arena fighter.

This is the final form of the Kamui (God Robe) worn by the Honnoji Academy student council president, and is an outfit that has been created exclusively for the game.

Not shown in the original KILL la KILL anime series, the Junketsu Shinzui switches the color theme and makes dark blue the dominant part of the outfit with white as the off-color.

In synchronizing with this form of Junketsu, Satsuki’s hair color changes to white in matching the rest of the Kiryuin family’s God Robe.

KILL La KILL IF will release for Nintendo Switch in Europe and North America on July 26th.

Alex Seedhouse
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