Satoru Iwata shares why he won’t be at E3 2015


After missing E3 2014 due to an operation, we were naturally concerned when Nintendo president Satoru Iwata shared that he won’t be travelling to Los Angeles for this year’s event.

Taking to the company’s Twitter account, he clarified that as Nintendo aren’t revealing any new hardware and there’s a shareholder meeting the week afterwards, he wanted to relay everything to those in Japan this year. That will see him tweet throughout the show using the hashtag #Iwatter!

“Good morning, everyone,” Iwata began. “E3 is finally starting. E3 is the games industry’s biggest trade fair, which takes place once a year in Los Angeles. From today on, during E3 I’ll be tweeting using the Nintendo Official account with the hashtag #Iwatter.

He continued, “With the exception of last year, I’ve been going to the E3 every year. However, as there’s no new hardware to present this year and considering the fact that a general meeting of shareholders is planned for the week following the E3, I will remain in Japan this year. My role at E3 this year is to relay everything happening at E3 to everyone that’s in Japan.

“I just received this [photo] earlier but it looks like Mr. Miyamoto has already reached Los Angeles. “Seeing the E3 logo gives you that feeling that ‘Oh, E3 is finally getting started!'”

[Thanks Siliconera]
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