Satisfy Maidens’ Desires In Omega Labyrinth Life On Nintendo Switch

Omega Labyrinth Life Logo

D3 Publisher and Matrix Corporation have announced that Omega Labyrinth Life is now available on Nintendo Switch.

This Japanese dungeon RPG has looked to offer “a lewd, busty, and hardcore roguelike experience,” that uses turn-based tactics as well as “growing powers that are bestowed within each maiden’s breasts.”

Omega Labyrinth Life is set in Belles Fleurs Academy, a spacious school with a floral garden in which a sacred flower of legend known as Flora can be found. It radiates a mysterious power that is rumored to be behind the everlasting bloom effect that the rest of the flowers in the garden receive.

However, when maiden Hinata Akatsuki transfers to Belles Fleurs Academy, that power withers away. Now, Hinata, as well as other maidens from the academy, must explore a sacred dungeon in the hope that they can work out how to return grandeur back to the garden.

By defeating the enemies in the procedurally-generated dungeon, you can accumulate the mysterious Omega Power that will let the maidens grow their chest size to Z-Cup. But, if you are defeated, you will lose your earned stats, items, and gear.

There are other eyebrow-raising gameplay mechanics such as Breast Burst Mode, which will double a maiden’s states for a short period of time, the chance to squeeze and rub items discovered in dungeons between a maiden’s breasts to reveal their potential, and a new Double Breast System that will let you change between maidens while dungeon crawling.

Omega Labyrinth Life is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide priced at £53.99 ($59.99).

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