Saria’s Elegy Searches Inside The Hero Of Time’s Heart


After enchanting us on Valentine’s Day with Nayru’s Love: Ballads of Hyrule earlier this year, Game Audio Network Guild Award nominee Rozen teams up with Jose Madrid on a journey inside Link’s heart, the Hero of Time.

Their new single “Saria’s Elegy” was written by Madrid and arranged by Rozen, and looks to expand on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time‘s tale “through the use of meticulous songwriting, meaningful lyrics and lustrous orchestrations” that they are now known for.

The ballad “considers the thoughts of a recently unfrozen Hero of Time, who rushes back to the woods shortly after discovering the truth about his age, in hopes of finding his childhood friend, Saria. Will she remember him after all these years?”

The track is available to purchase on services such as iTunes, Google Play, and Loudr, or can be streamed on Spotify.

Saria’s Elegy Lyrics

Let the forest roam
Does it feel I’m older?
Everything I’ve known
In the wind turns colder

As I walk alone
I just think about her
And these woods turned home
Can’t perceive that I’m hurt

She meant the world to me
But now she is gone and free, I feel
Will she come around?
If all of my memories could whisper no sound
In silence I’ll drown

But she was a friend to me
And sadly, that’s all I need to heal
Will she be around?
If all of my memories could ask her aloud
Do you remember me? Now

Darkness let me glow
Let my courage be heard
As the tales that once were told
Turn to life and take its toll

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