Salvage Humanity In KUNAI On Nintendo Switch Next Month


The Arcade Crew and TurtleBlaze have confirmed a release date for KUNAI on Nintendo Switch.

Pitched as an “action-centric quest to salvage humanity from a merciless AI leading a robot uprising,” you must rise up against Lemonkus: an AI-gone-evil that nearly wiped out all human life.

In creating this Metroidvania, the developer has looked to emphasise swift exploration and combat across a war-torn world – whether that be wielding your katana, dodging death with your grappling hook-esque kunai, or swinging across chasms.

Starting out with nothing, you will need to kill enemy robots to unlock abilities, weapons, and “kick-ass” ninja tricks.

KUNAI will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 6th February 2020, priced at £15.29 ($16.99).

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