Sakurai planning to “bring old characters back” in next Super Smash Bros.

super smash bros

With work having now begun on the next Super Smash Bros. entries, Masahiro Sakurai has begun to tease plans for new additions to the character roster.

Previously announced for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS during Nintendo’s E3 2011 presentation, development had been put on hold until Project Sora finalised work on Kid Icarus: Uprising.

“I am planning on doing my best to bring old characters back in Smash Bros,” Sakurai expressed during an interview with Cubed3. “From that perspective, I am probably in the most fortunate position in the world.”

Who would you like to see included within Super Smash Bros.?

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  1. I would like to see if you could put more sega characters, more of the modern ones. As you most likely know the sonic games are becoming more popular, if you were to feature some of the characters, people would want to play the game. Also you could go pure nintendo and bring in Bowser’s goons. I have played the Brawl games many times, and each one I like. I would like to see Mewtwo back, I saw in the Wii version you replaced him with Lucario. You also like to bring Jr. Bowser into the sport games, why not bring him into the Brawl?

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