Sakaguchi: “I have no regret” with The Last Story


Seasoned game director and producer Hironobu Sakaguchi has further discussed progress with The Last Story, the latest title from his Mistwalker studio, during which he has stated “I have no regret.”

Writing on popular social media site Twitter following his birthday on Thursday, Sakaguchi commented, “Everything goes well with The Last Story production. I can hear its pulse. I have no regret even this will be my ‘last’ work.

“Same as all FF works, I cannot create it by myself. ‘Failing due to team’ and ‘rising due to team’ is very close. That’s why I appreciate to be able to have an opportunity to create The Last Story. It’s a very contended work for me.”

With comments within recent months from ex-Capcom exec Keiji Inafune stating his belief that “Japanese gaming is dead” and that they are “at least five years” behind the west, Sakaguchi’s sheer passion for his own projects and respect for his team are certainly a refreshing insight that easily proves Inafune’s outlandish statements wrong.

The Last Story is due to release exclusively for Wii across Japan on January 27th 2011, with an unconfirmed release in either the US or Europe.

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  1. I certainly hope “Last Story” is good. I’ve played some of Mistwalker’s other creations: “Lost Oddyssey: and “Blue Dragon”. Blue Dragon was terrible, and quite frankly that game does a great job at proving Inafune’s point. “Lost Oddyssey” was a decent RPG. It’s probably the best Japanese RPG in years, but when it comes to RPG’s Inafune is definately right. Fallout 3 and Mass Effect 2 are the two best RPG’s this generation, and they’re at least five years ahead of any RPG that has come out of Japan. Here’s hoping “Last Story” is a great game.

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