Ryu amiibo spotted on Toys R Us display


This week’s Nintendo Direct saw the Lucas amiibo revealed to the world, but Nintendo chose not to share those that have been created for accompanying downloadable fighters Ryu and Roy.

That will presumably come in December’s Super Smash Bros.: Special Broadcast, but FanLoxx has spotted an image of the Ryu amiibo out in the wild when visiting a local Toys R Us store.

The retailer’s amiibo section is supported by an interactive screen that allows customers to learn more about how they work, and lets them cast a glance at which amiibo are nearing release. Surprisingly, the Ryu amiibo appeared alongside the Lucas and Wolf Link amiibo that were revealed this past week.

Its design once again reflects the character art penned for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, with clear plastic appearing to be used around Ryu’s ankles to support the amiibo’s stance.

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