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RUSH suitably rounds off Two Tribes Classics collection in style, serving up its own cubic-inspired puzzles for you to wrack your brain over.

Played solely on the Wii U GamePad with stylus in hand, RUSH requires you to guide a stream of coloured cubes to their exit points, using an assortment of signs that alter their direction, temporarily stop their movement to avoid collisions, warp points that transport them between locations, and conveyors that shift the direction of the cube until they amble off. Cubes can also change course if left to their own devices, automatically turning to the right if they bump into a wall, and doing so again if it is impossible for them to do so initially.


If that all sounds confusing, fear not. Tutorials steadily introduce you to each separate mechanic, as not to bombard you with everything at once. You can spend as much time as you wish to position your solution, before accepting your choices to unleash the cubes upon the world.

Everything’s fairly calm with the early puzzles as you continue to find your footing, but it isn’t long before all hell breaks loose as you scramble to direct differing coloured cubes to their exits. It’s a visual spectacle to see them all tumbling around, visible to others in the room on the TV screen even though the main player will be gazing elsewhere due to the GamePad-orientated input.

If you’re feeling troubled by a particular puzzle, you can slam the Hint Icon in the bottom-left corner – the first telling you which of your signs are placed correctly, whilst a second reveals the solution.


It’s a shame that RUSH’s soundscape doesn’t equally excite, whilst the menus aren’t as clear as they could be in showing which puzzles you’ve successfully conquered – look for those with a white halo beneath them to see the ones you still need to beat. Yet these are minor niggles with an otherwise enjoyable release.

RUSH remains capable of providing enough thrills to warrant it as a necessary purchase for puzzle aficionados, amounting to a Nintendo eShop title that I happily whiled away my time with.

Version Tested: Wii U
Review copy provided by Two Tribes

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