Rumour Suggests Nintendo NX News Coming “Soon”


Nintendo has promised that we will learn more about their “dedicated game platform” this year, but, as August nears, we are still waiting on Nintendo NX’s grand reveal.

That looks like it could soon change, with trusted rumour-monger Emily Rogers having today shared that she has more confidence in the accuracy of her own report on the console’s architecture.

She suggests her expectation that “major sites” will publish their own reports shortly, implying that Nintendo should start talking about the console sooner rather than later if they want to retain an element of surprise.

“Today, I am feeling super confident in my past report on NX hardware,” Rogers wrote. “I won’t post any new rumors on NX. But I stand 100 percent by my opinion that AMD is not behind NX’s GPU. It’s not an x86 system. You will see some more NX reports coming out from other sites soon. Major sites. Not Nintendo fan sites. Also, I don’t know what the price of this thing will be. It sounds expensive, but I hope it’s not.”

She continued, “When I say NX sounds expensive, I mean the gimmick sounds expensive. I stand by my report that this thing is closer to Xbox One specs. And by gimmick, I’m talking more about NX’s form factor. So anyways, keep an eye out for reports coming this week, and the following weeks.”

Ubisoft and Take-Two Interactive have spoken positively about the new hardware, while The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Just Dance 2017 and SEGA’s Project Sonic 2017 are so far destined for it.

Nintendo will share their first quarter earnings release on Wednesday 27th July, at which point we hope to hear more on when Nintendo NX will be nudged into the public spotlight.

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