Rumour: Star Fox Warriors Pitch Turned Down By Nintendo

star fox warriors image

After the relative success that Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends have seen, Koei Tecmo Games has understandably been keen to collaborate with Nintendo to merge another property with their Warriors series.

Let’s Play Video Games report that sources at Nintendo have shared that Koei Tecmo had pitched a Star Fox Warriors concept in early 2016, which, as with Hyrule Warriors, saw characters brawl in large-scale open world combat.

The main difference was that players would alternate between these missions and those that saw them engaged in space dogfighting, although, while a simplified combat system moved away from motion control input, Nintendo decided against pursuing the project amidst questions around Star Fox’s future.

It remains unclear which system the project was pitched for, and, while it had never left the design stage, Koei Tecmo still wishes to work on another Warriors crossover which Nintendo are still open to consider.

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