Rumour: Skylanders Overdrive introducing vehicles later this year


Update: report that the game will actually be called Skylanders Superchargers, the name having been leaked by American motorsports competitor Travis Pastrana who had been filming promotional material with Activision.

Original: “The race is on.” We’ve seen them towering over us, interchanged them, and captured them in traps, but this year will see vehicles introduced in Skylanders Overdrive.

Details have been leaked ahead of Activision officially revealing the fifth Skylanders iteration, which will see Vicarious Visions once again at the helm.

Other rumblings suggest that there is a prequel comic being penned referred to as Skylanders: Rift into Overdrive, whereas the snap above is for a new Skylanders addition that is a mechanical winged serpent. These vehicle compatible figures don’t have translucent bases, although are said to interlock with the accompanying vehicles.

As to whether this holds any truth, we can expect more details from Activision nearer E3 2015.

[Thanks GoNintendo, and Doctor Cupcakes]
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