Rumour: Ridge Racer 8 And Unannounced IP Are Nintendo Switch Exclusives

Ridge Racer Unbounded Screenshot

It’s a new day and another Nintendo Switch rumour surfaces, this time suggesting that Bandai Namco Entertainment is developing Ridge Racer 8 and an unannounced IP as exclusives for the plucky portable home console.

It was YouTuber Doctre81 that gave the rumour wheel an energetic spin, after noticing the projects were listed on the LinkedIn profile for Shawn Pitman, a lead designer at Bandai Namco Studios Singapore.

He lists that he is working on an unannounced IP that is described as a “first-person shooter/adventure” as well as the drift-based high-speed racing game Ridge Racer 8, which are both destined to be Nintendo Switch exclusives.

The LinkedIn profile certainly looks credible, and not only thanks to Pitman listing out his lengthy career that has seen him work at Sony Online Entertainment, Midway Games, LucasArts, Slipgate Ironworks, Paragon Studios, and RealU.

The fact that colleagues have endorsed his skill and expertise, as well as the many connections he has built up on the professional network, are also elements that are certainly harder to fake.

The only part that I can question is that Pitman mentions that Ace Combat 7 is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR, when, in fact, it will also release on Xbox One and PC.

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