Rumour: Resident Evil 7 Haunts Nintendo Switch VR

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After his Nintendo Switch discussion with Laura Kate Dale, YouTuber OBE1plays returns with another rumour to throw into the open.

That touches on Capcom’s development efforts with Nintendo Switch, which reportedly has seen them work hard to port Resident Evil 7 to the new home gaming system. Not only that but, as recent patents have suggested, this will be a game that is planned to support Nintendo Switch VR functionality.

This won’t be ready in time to release at the console’s launch, with the developer encountering performance and resolution issues due to the need to render the same image twice for the headset. As well as that, they have also had problems with motion control fidelity.

In backing up what he has heard from his sources, OBE1plays points to the fact that neither Laura Kate Dale, Emily Rogers, or Liam Robertson have debunked the claim. But, as always, take this with a pinch of salt until we hear something more official.

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  1. I think you mean that this “rumor” was made up and debunked prior to it being made straight by Nintendo. They’ve gone on record a dozen times in the past year saying that they have no interest in VR. Additionally, the Switch’s leaked stats which seem legitimate all show a system unable to run VR from a processor’s standpoint.

    You should just take down this worthless article. Total yellow journalism.

    1. No, they are interesting in VR again. Don’t be surprise about E3 if Nintendo surprises us for Switch VR. Have a faith!

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