Rumour: Pokémon Rainbow Launching Holiday 2016


This year marks 20 years since Pokémon first launched in Japan, and rumours swirl that the occasion will be marked by celebratory anniversary game, Pokémon Rainbow.

NintenGen‘s MetalDave has claimed that an employee that works in Nintendo of America’s marketing department has shared “an internal US marketing budget and scheduling overview for 2016 focusing on Wii U and 3DS.”

That reportedly outlines that Wii U has a $34.5 million marketing budget for the year, with $10 million attributed to The Legend of Zelda Wii U. Whereas the 3DS sees a larger $56.25 million budget, seemingly indicating again that Nintendo NX will be a home console.

It will be the software release schedule that piques the most interest, with multiple codenamed projects appearing and that curious mention of Pokémon Niji (which translates from Japanese as “Rainbow”).

This isn’t the first time that Pokémon Rainbow rumours have surfaced. Ahead of January 2013’s Pokémon Direct, GoNintendo shared information from an anonymous source that outlined that the game was headed to Nintendo 3DS with an accompanying Wii U application. Said to encompass “the settings and Pokemon from generations 1-4,” we now know that it didn’t turn out to be true.

Take this all with a whoppingly huge pinch of salt, but hopefully we’ll learn more about The Pokémon Company’s plans for the anniversary year over the coming weeks.

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  1. It’s probably gen 7 as they recently announced a new legendary or a complete 3D remake of gen 4. Could be anything really

  2. Z wouldn’t take until 2017 *considering that the NN Meloetta is for XY/ORAS only* so date wise,.I doubt that we won’t get Gen 7 next

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